Amcor B9 Paper Mill Botany NSW

Case Study 2: Amcor B9 Paper Mill Botany NSW

Amcor B9 Paper Mill

CLIENT: Amcor Paper and Packaging
PROJECT: Amcor B9 Paper Mill
BUILDERS: Baulderstone Construction (preliminary works)
Leighton Contractors (majority of building construction)

The Brief

With our expertise and past experience in the field of paper manufacturing plants, we were brought in to provide building design services to help substantially reduce the cost of this large scale industrial project and bring it within the clients budget.

This was a large industrial project incorporating multiple elements including a large paper machine building, multi-storey offices, extensive reel storage warehouse and workshop, silo and HD tower foundations, pipe support trusses in and around the building plus a waste paper canopy structure including a 60m span truss supporting large cantilevered roof beams.

A project on a grand scale!

Our Approach

By changing the design philosophy of the building and its foundations we were able to significantly reduce the cost of the building compared to the original design.

We streamlined the design to reduce construction time through the use of prefabricated elements such as hollowcore concrete slabs wherever possible.

We maintained critical tolerances for paper machine support structures while reducing the number of concrete piles required to support the building and paper machine by approximately 30%.

The Results

We helped bring the project back into budget by reducing structural building costs by approximately 25%, a saving of $26 million dollars crucial to the feasibility of the overall project.

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