Ivanhoe Grammar School – Underground carpark Structural Design & Construction Update

Ivanhoe Grammar School – Underground carpark Structural Design & Construction Update

The construction of an underground carpark for Ivanhoe Grammar School is currently in progress.

Klopfer Dobos has been carrying out regular site inspections to ensure that the works is in accordance with our structural documentation.

After completing the detailed structural design, we were engaged to assist Building Engineering Pty Ltd to engineer and oversea their construction sequence and construction details to suit their tight program.

Some examples of time and cost saving sequencing measures we have undertaken are:

  • Using Soff-Cuts in lieu of traditional saw cuts, allowing the slab on ground to be saw-cut 1.5 to 2.5 hours after the concrete has been poured. Soff-cuts in combination with curing should reduce the risk of early shrinkage cracking and deliver high quality product.
  • A strip of perimeter slab around the basement walls was combined with the footings to enable the propping of the precast panels. This will allow the builder to select a smaller crane for installing the precast panels and will save on construction times.

We look forward to seeing this interesting project come to completion.

Underground carpark Structural Design & Construction Update

Underground carpark Structural Engineering Design

Structural Engineering for New Storage Facility – Tottenham.

Structural Engineering for New Storage Facility – Tottenham.

Construction works are almost complete for the new storage facility for the grand prix barriers & safety equipment out at Tottenham.

The main warehouse structure is approximately 2000 m2 in size, with an internal office area. The Portal frame is an economically designed propped portal frame spanning approximately 42m.

The storage yard of almost 20,000 m2 in size has been designed to be flatter grade whilst still allowing drainage to ensure safety for stacking concrete barriers, chain walls etc.

We would like to wish the new tenants all the best with their new warehouse and storage yard and look forward to working with Xerri Builders and Watson Young architects on other successful projects in the future.

Aurora Shopping Centre – Structural Design and Construction Update

Aurora Shopping Centre – Structural Design and Construction Update

Building works at Aurora Town Centre, which is scheduled to open in Epping North in Melbourne in mid-2017, is well under way.

The feature entry to the 4100sqm Coles supermarket is almost complete, and is destined to make a big statement once clad in vibrant red alucobond. The floor has been polished and mechanical has been installed, gearing up for the planned handover date.

The new ALDI store has already been handed over for fit-out, with works scheduled to be completed soon.

The specialties and Gymnasium are likewise well under construction. Building B steel-work is erected and Buildings C-D facades are in progress. The 2 story Gymnasium, with a bondek first floor, has about 90% of the steel work erected.

External works are also happening throughout the site, with the car parks subgrade being prepared.

Klopfer Dobos have been working closely with Basso Project Management, Maben Group, Coles Group Property Developments and Clarke Hopkins Clarke to ensure practical solutions are provided to all construction queries and that they are dealt with in a timely manner.

We look forward to the opening of this new community centre in the very near future.

Front Facade Steel Framing

Curved Steel Framing

Steel Fascia over Entry

Building B Steelwork Erection

Building B Steelwork

Storey Gym Engineer and Construction update

Building B Steel Framing

Building C-D and ALDI Supermarket Panorama

Gym and Building D Panorama

Klopfer Dobos Christmas Party – The Deck

Klopfer Dobos Christmas Party – The Deck

This year the Klopfer Dobos Christmas party was held at Rochford Wines, one of Victoria’s most popular wineries. And for good reason; it is a picturesque venue spaning across several hectares in the gorgeous Yarra Valley area.

Klopfer Dobos and Rochford wines share a long history; we have designed and documented many additions and alteration works going back more than a decade.

“The Deck” is the most recent addition to be designed by Klopfer Dobos. The Deck is located in a relaxed outdoor setting overhanging the Rochford Lake – which made it the perfect place to unwind and soak in the atmosphere after a busy and hectic December.

The Deck itself had a bar showcasing Rochford’s world-class wines, as well as a selection of beers and a casual Southern-style BBQ menu. This was complimented by excellent live entertainment and stunning views of the vineyard and beyond.

Apparently, when ‘A Day on the Green’ concerts are held at Rochford Wines during summer, The Deck will transform an exclusive space for VIP Platinum ticket holders, nestled between the stage and the lake.

Structural Engineering Design for residential apartment

Structural Engineering Design for residential apartment complex, Carlton North

Works are nearing completion at Rathdowne Street, Carlton North; an Upmarket multi-level residential apartment complex.

The design and build of this project was difficult from the outset due to the restrictive site conditions and a basement car park that abutted the site boundary on almost all sides.

During the initial design and documentation phase, it was evident to Klopfer Dobos that the use of precast walls was impractical because crane access was extremely limited. Instead the Versaloc block system from Adbri was adopted as the load bearing walls, with steel beams and a bondek slab at each floor level, including the basement.

The basement car park itself was constructed using staged bored piers into weathered rock material and a sprayed concrete wall to the internal face completed in 1.0m maximum incremental vertical segments.

Several staged construction joints had to be introduced into the slabs at the higher levels of the apartment building to account for the difficulty in crane reach from the front of construction site.

Despite the complexity of the project, Klopfer Dobos was up to the task; it has been an interesting and challenging project to have been involved with. The stunning city views from the penthouse suite will surely make the new owners extremely happy.

Basement car park structural design engineers

Multi-Level Residential Structural Engineers

City Apartment Structural Design


Engineering Drawing Abbreviations

Engineering Drawing Abbreviations

Most Engineering companies use drawing abbreviations and symbols to communicate the design intent clearly and concisely, primarily with the people who work in the manufacture and assemblies of the structures being documented.

Historically abbreviations (or “drafties short-hand, as it is otherwise known”) were part of the established standards when drawings were tediously hand drawn; it saved precious space, kept drawings neat as well as helping to keep the drafts-persons hands cramp-free.

These days, with drawings predominantly being produced on computer, the need for technical and non-technical word shortenings has been reduced somewhat, but there are still a number of older drafties who use abbreviations as the need arises.

The following list includes a few of the abbreviations commonly (or uncommonly) found on Klopfer Dobos drawings;

A/C Air Conditioning
AFL Above Floor Level
AG Agricultural pipe drain
AHD Australian Height Datum
APPROX Approximately
AS Australian Standard
AVG Average
BLDG Building
BLK Blockwork
BOT Bottom
BTM Bottom
BW Both Ways
BWK Brickwork
C C shaped steel purlin
C.J. Construction Joint (or Control Joint)
C/C Centre to Centre
CAD Computer Aided Design. Less commonly use is Computer Assisted Drafting.
CHS Circular Hollow Section  (steel)
CJ Construction joint
CNR Corner
COL Column
CONN’N Connection
CONT Continuous
CTR(S) Centre/S
CTRL Control
DIA Diameter
DIM Dimension
DL Dead load
DWG Drawing
EA Equal Angle (steel)
EF Each Face
EQ Equal
EQUIP Equipment
EW Each Way
F’c Characteristic Concrete Strength
FF Far face (reinforcement)
FFL Finished floor level
FH Fire hydrant (survey)
FL Floor level
FSBW Full Strength Butt Weld
FW Fillet Weld
GALV Galvanized
HORIZ Horizontal
KG Kilogram
LL Live load
m Meters
MAX Maximum
MC Mass concrete
MIN Minimum
MISC Miscellaneous
mm Millimeters
MS Mild steel
N.S.O.P. Not Shown On Plan
NF Near Face (reinforcement)
No. Number
NOM Nominal
NTS Dimension, not to scale
Ø Diameter
OPN’G Opening
OA or O/A Overall
O’ALL Overall
OD Outside Diameter
PFC Parallel Flange Channel (steel)
RAD Radius or radial
RC Reinforced Concrete
REINF Reinforcement
REQ’D Required
REV Revision
RHS Rectangular Hollow Section (steel)
SHS Square Hollow Section  (steel)
SIM Similar
SQ Square
SS or S/S Stainless steel or simply supported
STD Standard
TBM Temporary bench mark
TOB Top of beam
TOC Top of concrete
TOS Top of steel
TOW Top of wall
U/S Underside
UB Universal beam (steel)
UC Universal column (steel)
UNO Unless noted otherwise
U’SIDE Underside
VERT Vertical (reinforcement or steel orientation)
WB Welded beam (steel)


Structural & Civil works for the new Bottleshop and Tavern, Warrnambool

Structural & Civil works for the new Bottleshop and Tavern, Warrnambool.

Klopfer Dobos did the documentation for the Civil and Structural works for the new Bottleshop and Tavern at Hopkins Hwy, Warrnambool.

After a 3.5hr car drive from Melbourne, it was good to see the architecturally impressive structure talking form, as well as the neighbouring Northpoint Shopping Centre which Klopfer Dobos also documented for Lascorp in 2006.

The new structure had many design considerations which had to be factored in, including a tricky marriage with an existing bottle shop, which had to be partially demolished before it could be integrated within the new structure.

Once complete, the Tavern will certainly have a happy, friendly atmosphere suitable for visitors and locals alike.

Duncans Drive Through Structural Additions

Tavern Structural Design Front Fascade


Economically designed portal frames

Economically designed portal frames for Warehouse & Offices Structure in Dandenong South

Construction works have commenced at a cracking pace at a new double Warehouse & Offices structure in Dandenong South.

The main warehouse structure is approximately 16,600 m2 in size, with an internal dividing wall creating two separate operating areas. The economically designed portal frames are approximately 80m wide with two internal prop columns. Both warehouse compartments are serviced by two storey offices.

The Lessee, who is a wholly owned subsidiary of a global company, is listed on the London Stock Exchange. They had a preference for a floor construction type that was both suitable for their day to day operations and with minimal slab joints. To comply with this requirement, Klopfer Dobos designed a steel fibre reinforced slab capable of supporting a pallet racking system with a 60kN post load. The fibre slab has large internal pours, minimising regular jointing.

Externally, the site is accessible via an approved B Double truck route and includes 190 car parking spaces to allow for shift overlap and visitors. Once complete the building will operate 24 hours per day 7 days per week and accommodate a peak number of 150 persons.

Portal Frame 2 Prop Columns

Internal Dividing Wall

Warehouse Front Elevation

Structural Engineering design for Travel Centre

Structural Engineering design for Travel Centre, Nambucca Heads

Klopfer Dobos are the appointed Structural Engineers for a new Travel Centre located on a newly built portion of the Pacific Highway, Nambucca Heads.

The project is being built on Roads and Maritime Services owned land and consists of a BP petrol station, two family restaurants, restrooms and picnic facilities as well as an information travel area with fresh produce.

The large overhead canopy, which will boast an unusual but practical overall shape (as well as a number of feature architectural cranks), was a complex structure to design due to the limited depth and fixed column locations to suit the petrol bowsers. After careful analysis, Klopfer overcame these design constraints by designing a number of continuous steel beams located and crossing each other within the same depth.

Australian Govenment Structural Engineers

Site Conditions Travel CentreTravel Centre Site Benching

Truss Design In Melbourne

Truss Design In Melbourne – The QVM Winter Night Market

A few of the Klopfer Dobos crew and foodie adventurers went to the Queen Victoria Market’s Winter Night Market, in a mid-week expedition to discover a world of street food vendors, spiced mulled wines and music in an otherwise dreary Melbourne winter evening.

As an engineering office, one of the more remarkable things about the Queen Victoria Market is its magnificent historic trusses. Notably, but not surprisingly, the trusses located over the large K and L Sheds (built in 1929, under which the market is held), were the #1 hot topic of the night; being admired and dissected by all.

Who said engineers are boring!

A general stroll around the market to soak in the atmosphere uncovered lots of opportunities to eat, drink and shop. There was also plenty of live entertainment on offer with an Afro-Cuban Latin jazz group and a  bongo circles congregating around the open fires. After securing some (limited) seating, Justin and Miguel tried their hands at a bit of hat juggling with one of the roaming performers.

I truss a good time was had by all.

Miguel Videla

Miguel Videla

Justin and Miguel to get their hands dirty with some hat juggling shenanigans.