Hangar Structural Engineering

Essendon Airport – Hangar Structural Engineering

The curved steel portal frames, mullions, purlins and girts are almost complete for the second Hangar at Essendon Airport. As with any hangar design, the springing height is critical to ensure the planes are properly housed. This height when paired with an efficient structural steel design makes for a strikingly elegant looking building (or we like to think so!).

Curved Portal Frame Steel Design

Aeroplane Hangar Steel Design

Office Facsia Steel Engineering

Structural Steel Design for New Vehicle Storage.

BMW Doncaster – Structural Steel Design for New Vehicle Storage.

The extension to BMW Doncaster is progressing fast with strengthening works to main steel floor beams and columns now completed and steel shop drawings approved for fabrication, we now expected steelwork to be delivered to site within couple of weeks.

Existing Warehouse to Freezer Conversion

Existing Warehouse to Freezer Conversion

Dry warehouses to freezer conversions are becoming a popular option for companies distributing wholesale food, fresh produce and meat to the foodservice industry.

Converting space can be an economical and quick solution for companies that are growing and need additional storage fast. When building from scratch you have to factor in the time it takes to search for a suitable site to construct the new building, the acquisition of land and the lengthy application processes to get the necessary permits to build the new building. The reduced construction time, when modifying an existing structure, is also a key consideration.

At Klopfer Dobos, we have overseen the structural design of a number of freezer conversions over the last 12 months, with the most recent being in Port Melbourne, where we recently inspected the steelwork modification works.

This particular project includes the conversion of the existing large dry warehouse and office building to a proposed cold storage distribution centre.

The main modifications works include:

  • Main steel portal frames upgraded
  • East elevation steelwork including new 10m canopy
  • Concrete foundations including new loading docks
  • New internal cold storage rooms: chiller room 79mx6m, freezer room (79mx23.5m), ante room (18mx 29.5m)
  • Internal plantroom.
  • 1st floor office extension

Conversion works like this always present some interesting engineering challenges; refrigerated building construction is unique, and requires specialist knowledge and expertise to be performed successfully and efficiently.

Existing Warehouse to Freezer Conversion

Woolworth’s Shopping Centre Construction Begins

Woolworth’s Shopping Centre Construction Begins.

A new Woolworth’s anchored shopping centre, with Structural and Civil design by Klopfer Dobos, is currently under construction in Torquay North, Victoria.

The centre, named ‘The Dunes’, will offer the local and surrounding community an outstanding and convenient shopping centre. The site includes a 3400sqm Woolworths supermarket, Woolworth’s liquor chain, BWS as well as a Chemist, Gym and twelve other specialty retail shops.

Klopfer Dobos are thrilled to be part of this exciting project; with Clarke Hopkins Clarke as the architect and Maben as the appointed builder. As always, during the design and development period, Klopfer Dobos enjoyed the collaborative process with the architect.

When undertaking a shopping centre structural engineering design there are always some challenges that must be overcome. We had to employ many clever engineering solutions within the structural design to enable the architectural intent and functionality to be maintained, always with an eye on keeping construction costs down.

Throughout construction and when complete, The Dunes will create many jobs for local residents as well as greatly enhancing the local facilities for the entire community to enjoy.

SuperMarket Bulk Excavation works

Supermarket concrete slab design

Klopfer Dobos at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Klopfer Dobos at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

We like to think that Structural Engineers perform one of the most important roles in the construction industry: getting buildings to stand up. Without our skills and technical knowledge, the buildings that we inhabit and spend our time in would not be as safe and sturdy as they should be.

Designing and building large structures is always a challenge, and with great responsibility comes great stress. And so, after a busy first quarter of 2016, a few of the Klopfer Dobos team decided to go and have a well-deserved laugh at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

We started the night out at the Hofbräuhaus, which was established in 1968 and is one of the best German beer halls in Melbourne. We all enjoyed tasty selections of authentic German food including Schnitzels, Bratwursts, Sauerkraut, Mashed Potato and more, chased down with a cheeky stein.

Don’t go here if you want a quiet place to talk because it just won’t happen – it’s loud, it’s casual and a lot of fun.

Leaving the Hofbräuhaus feeling 10kg heavier, we headed to the Comedy Theatre to see Peter Helliar in his new show, One Hot Mess. The appeal of Peter comes largely from his ‘ordinariness’ – he is an easy-going and affable character. The show itself had side-splitting reflections on being an ‘old fart’ at forty and the challenges of being a husband and father (blokey shtick that a lot of us at Klopfer Dobos could relate to!)

Helliar was a real pro, with a quick wit and a great instinct for physical humour. Concluding, he made the comment that he had one if the best jobs in the world. Peter might be good at Stand-up Comedy… but can he make a building stand up? The audience seemed to think so.

Justin Ashford

Essendon Airport – Aeroplane Hangar Structural Design

Essendon Airport – Aeroplane Hangar Structural Design

The steel work for the first of multiple hangars at Essendon Airport is advancing quickly. This will be the 5th aeroplane hangar Klopfer Dobos have been engaged to design at Essendon Airport, with more hangars in the wings (pun intended!).

This particular hangar, for Mr Lindsay Fox, will house both aircraft and a private car collection.

The enormous 50 meter truss out front requires tight engineering co-ordination and integration with the door manufacturers. With the truss giving the ability to have such a large opening, design consideration of large internal pressures must be accounted for. The large build-up of pressure was addressed in the design criteria, adding to the complexity of the design.

Klopfer Dobos Get’s Active this April

Klopfer Dobos Get’s Active this April

The Staff at Klopfer Dobos are getting ready to tie up their runners, drop their calculators and get moving this April.

This is the first year the Klopfer Dobos work place has signed up for Premier’s Active April, which challenges participants to commit to exercising for at least 30 minutes a day.

About 2/3rds of the Klopfer Dobos team have embraced Active April, with many cycling into work or participating in lunchtime runs by the Yarra on Tuesdays & Thursdays.

And while there’s a lot of hard work keeping track of the exercise (as well as doing it!), the Klopfer Dobos team reckon the pros outweigh the cons. Around 60 per cent of Australian adults fail to meet the recommended levels of physical activity – and this is a free and fun way for staff to get active and healthy.

For further information on Active April, please check here – https://www.activeapril.vic.gov.au/

Active Office

Office & Industrial Development at Lot 3 Corporate Drive

Office & Industrial Development at Lot 3 Corporate Drive

We recently undertook a steel site inspection at the proposed Office & Industrial Development at Lot 3 Corporate Drive, for Pellicano Builders & Caesarstone, which is about 90% completed.

The warehouse steel frame design included 2 internal prop columns supporting multiple 5 tonne cranes, similar many other industrial steel projects which Klopfer Dobos have undertaken before. We look forward to seeing this project completed in the very near future.


United Petroleum Petrol Station Corio Nears Completion

United Petroleum Petrol Station Corio Nears Completion

Works have commenced back on site after the Christmas break, with the final touches starting to take place. Structural steelwork to the canopy is basically finished with the cladding soon to be completed. Klopfer Dobos are looking forward to seeing the finished canopy in the near future.

United Petroleum Petrol Station Corio front viewUnited Petroleum Petrol Station CorioUnited Petroleum Petrol Station Corio From the side

Clyde Village Shopping Centre – Grand Opening

Clyde Village Shopping Centre – Grand Opening

It was a big day on Friday, with Coles and the tenancies opening their doors for trading to the public, following the grand opening of Shopping on Clyde.

At the opening it was acknowledged that the centre made a significant contribution to the local area, and this is something that Klopfer Dobos is very proud of.

Klopfer Dobos team have enjoyed being involved with this exciting project, and would like to thank all the team that made the project possible. A special mention goes out to Maben, Basso Project Management and Clarke Hopkins Clarke, whom we have worked with before, and who we look forward to completing more successful developments with in the future.

Coles shopping centre structural design canopyglass atrium roof structural designshopping centre structural designrear truss coles structural design