Northway Honda Car Dealership Bundoora VIC

Case Study 1: Northway Honda Car Dealership Bundoora VIC


CLIENT: Courtney & Patterson Pty. Ltd.
PROJECT: Showroom and Workshop for Honda Australia
BUILDER: Masbuild Pty. Ltd.

The Brief

Klopfer Dobos was engaged to produce cost effective and detailed building plans for Honda Australia’s new state-of-the-art car dealership and workshop in Bundoora. The challenge was to maintain the unique architectural elements of the design while simplifying construction methods and minimising costs.

Our Approach

To achieve maximum glass frontage and maintain the desired impact of the finished building we focused on minimising the structural bracing elements required within the design. We also implemented a range of structural features which reduced costs without in any way compromising the architectural intent of the design.

The Results

We were able to achieve a very buildable design while incorporating many complex architectural features including:

– expansive, lightweight framed feature walls
– a suspended bondek upper floor designed to support display vehicles
– a lightweight truss system to support a cantilevered roof wing feature which was made to resemble the rear wing of a Formula 1 car.

All of which combined to result in a visually stunning, state-of-the-art showroom and service centre.

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